The Service Crew

Fact Sheet – FAQ Host Employer


1.    Who is the employer of the trainees?

The Service Crew (TSC) is the legal employer for the duration of the School Based Traineeship. The trainees are our employees and we look after all of their employment paperwork & pay etc.

2.    What is the cost?

The only cost is a commitment to 10hrs work min per week averaged out over a 12 week period for example (8hrs for 6 weeks &  12hrs for 6 weeks) The hourly rate charged is very cost effective and will reduce your overall wage bill (this will be negotiated with you depending upon the numbers of trainees etc). This is payable in 7 days to TSC

Recruitment –     No Cost
Training –         No Cost
Uniforms –     No Cost (unless you specify a uniform other than Black & Whites or require the trainee to wear your uniform then the host venue will supply them)           

3.    How long does it go for?

Generally it will have a 10 month cycle or could go to 12 months in some cases. This allows time to recruit another group to come in when this group is nearing completion (cross over to allow for the new group to gain skills) the trainees will be trained to your standard operating procedures in your venue.

4.    What duties can they perform?

The trainees can be rosterd to perform any F&B service (preferably Bistro/Café/Functions/Kitchen) They will go through a range of skills from coffee making, bar service, food service, kitchen basics, functions room set up/pack down, re stocking and basic cleaning.

5.    What happens if the trainee does not suit the venue?

You let us know and we will find them another venue to do there training. You are not obliged in any way other than to give them a fair go and remember that this may be their first time in the workplace so it is wise to give them some time to settle in.

6.    How many hrs will the trainee work each week?

There is a min requirement of 10 hrs weekly excluding training, after that the call is yours if you like them and want to give them more hrs then you can. The rate after 10hrs weekly will be higher per hr per trainee (to be negotiated). The peak season Nov to Feb they are not at school and are available for more hrs as an example.

7.    When can the Trainee work?

The trainees are available week nights and weekends as this does not interfere with their school timetables. There is a requirement that they do one shift through school hours each week (generally a lunch shift) the majority of work is generally peak times Thursday through to Sunday.

8.    How many trainees are required?We prefer to have a group of trainees in the one venue generally a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 15 trainees this is a far better way to train them and for you to have availability of staff when you need them.  

9.    Who does the rosters?

You simply include trainees in your roster according to your demand one week in advance and email this to us. We will fill those shifts with our trainees and confirm this with you ASAP.

10.    What happens after the trainee has completed their Certificate III in Hospitality?

You as the host venue have the first option to employ them. You have no obligation for further employment and TSC has no obligation to continue to supply this trainee once qualified.